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Pier 12 is a location in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It is the fourteenth location to be featured in the game and was introduced in update 3.6.0 in March 2016. This location was featured as part of the Trickster Stories special mission. The location is based of the Pier in Despicable Me 2.


In the location, the scenery is a bustled streets located in a pier in night. The minion needs to jump over bollards and red fences as small obstacles while dodge billboards, surfboards, barrels of plants and ice cream carts driven by Minions as high obstacles.

Much like The Mall, there are wet floors as slides in the location, but the minion needs to avoid boxes of frozen fish. In addition, the secret area is Zarelli's Italian Restaurant, where is full of minions; after the restaurant, the minion bounces from a sail and a jumping shark almost bites him before he goes back to the track.

The location is also where the special mission Trickster Stories was held.


  • Since the update for April Fool's Prank in 25 March 2015 (Eduardo's Hose was introduced), this was nearly a year when no new location was introduced in Minion Rush.
  • Hard to notice, but sometimes on big-screen devices, two houses from the Residential Area can be seen seconds before you enter the Pier 12.
  • In missions like Rumble in China and Dance of the Dragon, Pier 12 was decorated for Chinese Lunar New Year. Instead of the grumpy man and Zarelli's symbol on Zarelli's Italian Restaurant, there is a dragon made by a minion with "Minions" on it, and a Chinese building with clouds. The boardwalk ground is like a red carpet. No obstacle differences, but everything looks Chinese except there are still tubes.
  • Excluding split paths, when it makes you go only one way, when it forces you go to left, you can see the grumpy man on Zarelli's Italian Restaurant, and when it forces you to go right only, you can see Zarelli's written in cursive, just like in the secret area.
  • Previously, just like Eduardo's House, Banana Vacuum was the power-up that forced the player to pick up when entering secret areas, though in this location one of two could be dodged while in Eduardo's House it was impossible. The feature was removed in Eduardo's House in update 6.1.0.
  • Minions can react differently when they fail:
    • Hitting a holey plant/sign and shrugging
    • Hitting a crate full of fish causing him to fall inside it and get a fish stuck in his mouth
  • The ice cream carts in this location look similar to the ones in Minion Beach.


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