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Pig's Spleen is a location appears in the film Minions. It locates in London, and it's where Kevin and Queen Elizabeth II meet again after the Queen's temporary abdication.


It is a pub opened since 1907. Outside, there are two barrels and several signs of the brand label, and the window is made of stained glass.



Kevin hides himself from hunting down from numerous villains. In streets of London, he finds Pig's Spleen and hides behind the door; one of the villains takes a look in the bar but he doesn't find Kevin, because the Minion is too short.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth II, the abdicated queen, is playing arm wrestling with a strong man. She's strong enough to keep up her strength even if the man uses his both hands, and she tells a joke:

Now, what about this one... Why did the Queen go to the dentist? To get her teeth CROWNED! (Laughing)

She wins and the man falls down with the whole table. Then another man, who was one of attendants of Villain-Con, wants the Queen tell another one. Kevin then appears and the Queen recognizes him after drinking a big mug of beer, and she introduces him to everyone - one of the fellows who stole the monarchy from her. She also knows about the coronation of Scarlet Overkill from the television in the bar.

Suddenly, Scarlet appears on the screen, with kidnapped Stuart and Bob, and she threatens to kill them if Kevin doesn't go back before dawn. Horrified, Kevin rushes out the bar and head to Scarlet's Castle for weapons.


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