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Piggy Power was a Special Mission in Minion Rush from December 7th, 2016.

In this update, the Special Items were Musical Notes, Microphones, and Vinyl records, including the main prize - the Jogger Minion Costume, with Perks, Prize Pods, Golden Tickets and Tokens.

The Mission area was the Mall only the scenery had changed to include a red carpet, spotlights and the Secret Area had the Cinema Theater showing the movie Sing. The Special Mission gave the Shopping Cart as a featured Prop, similar to the Minion Mower, showing the interior of a vast super market. The music theme inside the prop is the same tune Gameloft used for the pre-jelly lab version of the Mall.

Dave's new costume Leotard was inspired by Gunter the pig from the Sing movie.

New features were added in this update. For the first time the new Market was introduced. The Leotard Costume was offered only in the market and the value was 5,000 market tickets, a new currency. Market tickets are obtained by collecting Special Mission items. Moreover, the Special Mission was divided by three laps of increasing difficulty and the pipes connecting the levels of each one had a different color, bronze for the first lap, silver for second and gold for third.