The Piranha Gun is the first known weapon Vector had invented, which is only seen in Despicable Me.


This is a small, handgun-like device, that contained several piranhas in a glass bubble. It fired a single piranha a few inches from the gun, before the fish fell to the floor. It is very difficult to get the piranha back into the device, as it is a breech-loading weapon, meaning that the ammunition must be picked up after firing, and the piranhas bite a lot, which essentially makes reloading impossible. External magazines do not exist on the weapon.


Despicable Me

At the Bank of Evil, after Vector introduced himself to Gru, he introduces him to the Piranha Gun, a weapon he developed. He gives him a demonstration, but it goes wrong as he tries to reload it but gets bitten by a piranha. Gru is not interested and later gets so annoyed that he froze Vector with the Freeze Ray.


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