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Piranha Gun, oh yes! Fires live piranhas! Ever seen one before? No, you haven't. I invented it. You wanna demonstration?
— Vector introducing the Piranha Gun to Gru.

The Piranha Gun is one of the aquatic-themed weapons/gadgets Vector uses, which is only seen in Despicable Me.


The Piranha Gun is a large pistol-like blaster with a glass tank magazine somehow containing dozens of piranhas. It is white with a bright orange grip guard. It is a break-action weapon with no other reload mechanisms, and does not accept adaptable standalone magazines. When fired, the piranhas will slide out and arc with gravity, similar to a grenade, and they will attack all targets on sight. The weapon's range is significantly worse than a conventional pistol as a result, although the projectiles are able to pursue enemies on their own with great effectiveness.


Despicable Me[]

At the Bank of Evil, after Vector introduced himself to Gru, he reveals the Piranha Gun, which he invented. He gives Gru a demonstration, but it goes wrong as he tries to catch the piranha he fired only to get bitten in the process. Later, after Gru was sent away by Mr. Perkins to get the SR-6, Vector is seen struggling to place the piranha back in the gun only for his head to be frozen by Gru, who did out of petty jealousy, as he knew that Vector had stolen the Great Pyramid of Giza. Much later, the latter attempts to use it on Gru in an attempt to stop him from stealing the moon, but gets electrocuted and loses the gun in the process. At some point, Vector managed to find it. During a final showdown with Gru, after stopping Margo from jumping out of his escape pod, Vector sadistically points the piranha gun at the him but lost it once again after he was nearly knocked out of the airship by the Moon, which had begun to grow back its normal size after having been shrunk by the SR-6 mere minutes ago. The piranha gun is never seen again for the rest of the film and what became of it is currently unknown.


  • The fact that Vector was able to retrieve it after it had fallen from the sky the first time speaks volumes to its durability and Vector's ingenuity.
  • Like all of Vector's products, the Piranha Gun seems to defy natural laws. It is not only able to reserve space inside for more than one piranha, but it keeps them all alive and healthy for unspecified periods of time.
  • Its ability is very similar to Terraria's Piranha Gun, a pistol that fires a mechanical homing piranha which pursues enemies automatically and might've taken inspiration from Vector's creation.



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