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Polo is a team sport with a cricket ball in which participants play astride a corgis and move the ball across the field using a special croquet stick. This game appears in the film Minions.


First, Kevin and the Corgi run away, and then a huge team of athletes as many as 8 players play with him! (The one who was sitting behind astride a Corgi, and who was holding the club in his mouth, and someone tortured the Corgi and the eighth Athlete abused the corgis and almost dies, and someone held the club up and kept it on the belly of the Corgi, and who just sat and made three athletes a battle cry)

He was last seen in the post-credits scene where they Royal Athletes play polo again at the Royal Corgis.



  • The team consisted of this cartoon of 8 players. Field

  • Field field at Buckingham Palace.