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This character is currently deceased and never appears in older films.
As you can see, I don't need any help.
— The professor speaks to Bob
Professor Flux

Professor Flux

Professor Flux is a villain in Minions.


Professor Flux is a male with short black bald hair with eyebrows and a mustache, a white long-sleeved coat, black gloves, brown leggings and black shorter socks. His shoes are now black.



He is an attendee in Villain-Con, and he appears with the time machine he invented.

When Bob sees Professor Flux's stall and ask him if the Minion trio can be his henchmen, he declines as he can call for his future avatars as his assistants instead. However, one of the avatars pushes a hanging machine and accidentally breaks the Original Professor Flux’s neck, who was monitoring some machines, killing him. Soon after his untimely demise, all his future avatars vanished from existence in a flash. Seeing this, Bob leaves the stall disappointed.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Minions Paradise[]

Professor Flux is also a unlockable and playable villain in Minions Paradise.

At the update in March 2016, Professor Flux acts as a main character in the new game feature, master plan. Instead of being at Villain Island, he moves to Villain Lair and the player can help him for his master plan and earn Minion Level-up tokens and prizes.

Before the update, Professor Flux has a sticker of his collection: Time Machine, but if he doesn't unlocked before, he won't be included in the Stickerbook.


  • Professor Flux is named after the flux capacitor from Back to the Future in 1985, which was what made time travel possible.
  • According to the trailer credits and opening credits, Flux was originally going to appear as Scarlet Overkill's gadget man. But he has a brief cameo appearance in the final film.
  • According to the poster at the professor's stall in Villain-Con, he originally lives in 1945, which may be the year he invented his time machine.
  • After his death, it can be briefly seen that his time machine stops at the year 2015.
  • It resembles the Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot series.
  • He is voiced by Steve Coogan who also plays Silas Ramsbottom in Despicable Me 2 and 3.
  • He is one of the few characters to die onscreen.
  • He bears some resemblance to Professor Calculus from The Adventures of Tintin.



“Move that over there, Professor Flux: 2 weeks from now.” A Professor Flux ordering another avatar.

“Ohh. Way to go, guys. We killed the original!” Two Week Professor Flux to the other avatars after accidentally killing the original Professor Flux.


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