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Puppy is a short film that was initially included with the Blu-ray release of Despicable Me 2. It centers around the relationship between a Minion, Dave[1] and a Miniature UFO.


Dave sees many owners walk their dogs, so he wants a puppy of his own. He tries to leash Kyle, a squirrel, a pigeon, and a ladybug, but fails each time. A UFO then appears and abducts the ladybug. Enamored by the strange being, Dave convinces the UFO to become his puppy with a few cheese balls. He trains it and the two become really close.

The UFO became very useful to the other minions as they sees Dave eating a large cheese ball it changed into and party lights glimmer in the window. The minions thanked the UFO for enlarging their bananas. 

One night, as the minion and the UFO are watching a movie with Gru and his family, the UFO blows up the TV after seeing another UFO in the movie being attacked. After Gru kicks them out, they star-gaze and the UFO's laser beam suggests it misses its home in the universe. So Dave manages to e-mail the UFO's fellow peers and they arrive at Gru's backyard. Although they are both sad about the leaving, Dave's pet leaves one final gift - it enlarges the ladybug it "abducted" earlier.

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