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Gentlemen do not steal ladies' crowns!
— The Queen while battling Stuart
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This character is currently deceased and never appears in older films.

This article is about the Real World.

Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II in Minions.
Full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
Status Deceased (in Real Life)
Gender Female
Age 42

96 (Real Life; deceased)

Eye color Blue
Hair color Light Brown

Queen of the United Kingdom and favorite dogs breed Corgis.


The Royal Family (in real life)
Corgis (Pets)
London Police
People in England
Blind Tower Guard


Scarlet Overkill
Herb Overkill
Kevin (Formerly)
Stuart (Formerly)
Bob (Formerly)


George VI


Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon


Princess Margaret (younger sister)


Prince Phillip (husband)


King Charles III (oldest son)
Princess Anne (older daughter)
Prince Andrew (younger son)
Prince Edward (youngest son)



Voiced by

Jennifer Saunders

Queen Elizabeth II was a character in Minions. She was the monarch of the United Kingdom until her death in 2022, and resided in England and favorite dogs Corgis.


Queen Elizabeth II is a female with short dark brown hair, has a golden and pinkish red crown on her head. She wears a white tank top and a long skirt, and a dark blue purse with a golden and red flower on them.


She was at first being annoyed by the minions when they tried to steal the crown from her, but she was combative that she knew how to fight on a carriage. But a little later, she was kind and friendly to minions. She also loved corgis, her pets were madly in love with their hozai.



She was first mentioned in the movie by Scarlet Overkill. As the Queen, she was the owner of the crown and loved her dogs, her favorite breeds were corgis. Scarlet is interested in stealing her crown.

During the crown heist, the Queen takes a tour in the Gold State Coach, which is later commandeered by Kevin and Stuart. While Stuart attempts to steal the crown, she manages to successfully defend herself. The carriage ends up crashing, and she demands their arrest. Her position as Queen is usurped after Bob manages to pull the legendary Excalibur sword from the stone.

Later, she appears in a pub, after Kevin ran away from the villains' chase ordered by Scarlet. She mocks him and the others for their unintended coup, but becomes worried for Stuart and Bob when she witnesses them being held hostage by Scarlet on television.

At the end, she is restored to the throne and rewards the trio for their efforts in an elaborate public ceremony in front of the Buckingham Palace. You can also see the Athletes and Royal Corgis, the Butler Queen's, Royal Counsellor the huge tribe of Minions and Guards and the Guardian from the Tower of London. She presents a miniature crown for Bob's stuffed bear, Tim; an electric guitar (later replaced by a snow globe) for Stuart, and a knighthood for Kevin.

Her crown is stolen again by Scarlet, and then almost immediately after by a young Gru, as she freaks out. It is unknown if she ever got it back or received a new one.

She appears in the post-credits scene, Queen Elizabeth II with two men holding a mug of beer and dancing with the Guards from the Tower of London after the Athletes and their beloved Corgis. But she and the other characters run away from the roars of the dinosaur (except for the young Gru).


  • In the film, she is 42 years old, as the movie is set in 1968; and in real life, she was born on April 21, 1926.
  • The real Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96 from natural causes.
  • The crown depicted in the film is known as St. Edward's Crown, one of the most recognizable pieces of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The crown is typically used for coronation ceremonies.
  • Unlike how is depicted in the film, the position of the reigning British monarch holds virtually no political power, which is traditionally vested in the country's Prime Minister instead.
  • The crown was also seen in Despicable Me, carried by the minions when Gru decides to sell his own furniture to build a rocket.
  • The Queen's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the rest of the British Royal Family are not referenced in the movie. Corgis dogs only mentioned
  • She appears to have great strength, as shown in the pub scene and being able to easily beat up Stuart.
  • Her crown appears in Minions: The Rise of Gru, in the basement.
  • It also appears in Despicable Me when the Minions give Gru the money for the rocket.


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