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Lava Geyser Minions Paradise

Lava Geyser, the location to produce radioactive lava

Radioactive Lava is a resource made in Minions Paradise.


The player can produce Lava Geyser once unlocking Villain Lair. It takes 15 minutes to make lava, and once fully unlocked, six minions ; Sebastian, Logan, Boogs, Napoleon, Oliver and Noah can work to do it.

There are two types of reactions when minions produce lava: one is the minion rushes around and collect jumping lava drops with a bucket; the other one is the minion pours lava into the bucket with a ladle, sometimes the ladle is stuck and the minion tries to pull it out, but a big drop lava jumps to his back, so the minion yelps with pain and he stumbles, which also makes the minion bumps into the ladle and it falls to the ground.


  • Unlike other resources, to make extra available place for minions to make lava, the player only needs to make some mix stuffs and turn in, instead of reaching certain level.
  • This is currently the only resource made in Villain Lair, and it isn't listed in "Make stuffs" in the menu.
  • When the pot of the lava isn't unlocked, it's empty; after being unlocked, the pot is full of lava.