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When one clam won't do - get a farm.
— The game description
Razor clam bed

Razor Clam Bed, the place to make razor clams

Razor Clam is a stuff made in Minions Paradise. It takes 5 minutes to produce razor clam(s) in the Razor Clam Bed.


If fully unlocked, three minions Benny, Gene and Kal can make three razor clams together. When they are working, it can be seen that one of the minions stands in a giant shell and some razor clams above sand, and he picks up clams, shakes and hears the sounds inside them. Another minion shovels sand inside the giant shell and the other minion builds a sand castle.

When the minion finally finishes his castle and show it to one of his colleagues, but that minion just shrugs. So he kicks a big beach ball beside, and it hits that minion, and then the giant shell, and at last the sand castle - which makes him yelp. But the blow causes the giant shell shuts down and traps a minion inside, so the minion needs to prize it open again.