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The Red Crosses[1] (commonly referred as Red Zones) were an item that appeared in the game Minion Rush. They were gray metal tiles with glowing red crosses on lanes and they acted as high-difficulty obstacles. It appeared in every location of the game except Downtown. They first were introduced in update 3.9.0.

Once the player progressed far enough when running, red crosses appeared in the way and the background became the theme of red. These crosses were avoided by jumping over them, if a cross was run over by the minion, these crosses emitted electric shock and the game ended.


Most of the time, other moving obstacles tended to appear simultaneously and thus built up the difficulty of the game. Between the crosses, some springboards often appeared as a shortcut to avoid red crosses.

Other than avoiding the red crosses, there were also some alternative ways to deal with them, such as picking up Gru's Rocket, Golden Shield or using PX-41 Serum, while the Freeze Ray was disabled while the zone was present.

Additionally, where red crosses appeared were counted as secret area.

Also, the area in the Arctic Base had a snowstorm instead of the red theme.



  • They got removed in update 6.1.0 to make the missions easier to be completed, however, they're still present in the PC version.
  • For most, The Arctic Base was very easy for them.
  • Red Crosses were never available in Freedonia.
  • In the Residential Area, the thing with the buses is that when you tried to jump and dodge from both the red cross and the bus you got zapped from up high, and you died when you didn't even bump into it and you were just next to it. The reason for this is unknown.


  1. The name is given in an answer to Frequently Asked Questions, Customer Care of the game: "The red crosses are just new high-difficulty obstacles. You are definitely very skilled if you got far enough to see them! Note that while running through these tracks, you'll need to jump over the red crosses. Sometimes you'll see green springboards among them that will let you jump higher and pass the area."