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The Residential at Night (formerly known as Halloween Residential Area) is a time-limited location in Minion Rush available only during some Halloween updates, as well as the Windows version (update 4.1.0). Previously, before the Jelly Lab update, it could be unlocked by x3 Despicable Score Multiplier or 100 tokens. The Residential at Night is the Halloween version of the Residential Area and the location first appeared in version 1.3.0 as of October 2013. It appeared again as of the version 4.1.0 and almost all future Halloween updates.


In the specific game versions, in the location section from the menu, Residential at Night replaces where the Residential Area is usually put (during these updates, normal Residential Area and Halloween Residential area are not available simultaneously). In this version of this location, Meena looks like she has mascara on while she really doesn't in normal version.

The surroundings of this location, namely, is full of Halloween content, such as pumpkins, coffin-like cages, witch pots, white candles and more. The background time is set to be at night; in the lanes, some obstacles are replaced by green skulls (instead of stop signs), thorns (instead of exposed electric wires), and ropes with pumpkin lanterns (originally spraying fire hydrant); the blue cars carry pumpkins instead of suitcases - when the minion bumps on them, pumpkins cover its body.



  • When Vector's Fortress was first introduced in the 2014 Halloween update, Halloween Residential Area did not appear then. This could have been a teaser for the Haunted Hustle special mission while it was early in development.
  • Minions can react differently when they fail:
    • Hitting thorns protruding from a coffin and getting thorns stuck in his bottom
    • Fainting in horror after seeing skull pieces from standing skull/coffin obstacles
    • Hitting a crypt and making a gargoyle fall on top of him
    • Hitting a blue car with pumpkins on its roof, causing the pumpkins to fall off and the Minion to wear one of the spilled pumpkins
    • Hitting a cardboard skeleton, causing it to fall off its stand and its skull to land in the Minion's hands, causing him to scream in terror
  • This location could not be spun on the Fortune Wheel probably due to a programming error.
  • When the location made it's debut in 2013, the main menu music was a halloween themed arrangement of the game's current default menu music (Which at the time of it's debut, was only used for Gru's Lab). When it returned for the first time in the Jelly Lab in 2016, it was the only location to retain it's original menu music in the Jelly Lab. Additionally, from the 5 year celebration onwards, this arrangement was used as the actual in-game music for this location (rather than the default "Minions March" remix used in every other location, thus making this location the very first location to receive unique background music while running). However, in 2021's "Pumpkin Parade" special mission, this location and the Halloween Volcano, instead defaulted to the boss battle arrangement used in the Meena and El Macho boss battles.


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