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Resized is the fourth episode of Season 4 in Saturday Morning Minions and the thirty fourth episode overall.


Bob, kevin & stuart FINALLY prove that one size DOESN’T fit all in a shocking new episode! Tune in next week for another new ep and discover what trouble the crew cooks up.


Bob uses the Resizing Machine to change the size of his teddy bear, Tim. Bob changes the size of Tim to a larger teddy bear, and walks off happily. Stuart then arrives with a heavy box. He uses the Resizing Machine to change the size of the box to become smaller and lighter.

Big Butt Carl

Carl angry at Kevin after the latter resizes his butt

As Stuart leaves, Carl appears and sits on the Resizing Machine to eat lunch. Kevin appears and activates the Resizing Machine on Carl, causing the latter's butt to become bigger.

Angered by this, Carl pushes a laughing and mocking Kevin into the Resizing Machine and shrinks Kevin's head. Carl laughs, but he and Kevin begin to fight and repeatedly activate the Resizing Machine until it malfunctions and aims at the two Minions.

As a result, the Resizing Machine shoots Kevin and Carl. Kevin ends up getting two heads and Carl gets two bodies. The lower body of Carl then proceeds to kick Kevin's two heads away as the episode ends.


  • It's currently unknown if Carl and Kevin returned to normal offscreen at the end.