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Robert Gru
DM3 - Watching Robert's portrait
Robert's portrait, seen in Dru's Mansion
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age 81 (at death)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde

Legendary Supervillain


John Gru (deceased)


Jeffrey Gru (brother) (deceased)


Marlena Gru (ex-wife)


Felonius Gru (son)
Dru Gru (son)
Margo, Edith and Agnes (adopted granddaughters)
Gru Jr. (grandson)


Despicable Me (pictured)
Despicable Me 3 (pictured)

Robert Gru (1936 -2017), also known as The Bald Terror, is the overarching protagonist of Despicable Me 3, the third installment in the Despicable Me franchise. He was a legendary supervillain, the father of Felonius Gru and Dru Gru, and the ex-husband of Marlena Gru. He was also the adopted paternal grandfather of Margo, Edith and Agnes. He was voiced by Steve Carell.


Robert Gru is a male with buzz-cut short blonde darker hair. He wears a silver bodysuit with a golden gun in hand. In overall appearance he greatly resembles his sons.


Before the events of Despicable Me, Robert was a supervillain that came from a long lineage of them and he himself earned a legendary status in the villain world. He divorced his wife Marlena and made an agreement that neither of them would see each other again, with him taking Dru and her taking Gru to raise separately. Some time after he took Dru, he made his career in Freedonia. This was him getting the biggest pig farm in all of Freedonia, which was just a coverup for the real family business being villainy.

Despite being separated, Robert kept an eye on Felonius and was very proud of him and his achievements, although he wasn't happy with the aspiring Dru, seeing him as a failure who does terribly at villainy yet insists on keeping the family tradition alive. Robert died at an unspecified point of unknown causes and Dru inherited his legacy.

Despicable Me[]

Screenshot 2016-03-11-21-08-32

Robert Gru, Gru Family Tree

Robert can be seen seen in a picture on the Gru Family Tree.

Despicable Me 3[]

Marlena Robert and baby Dru and Gru

Robert can be seen partially while holding baby Dru.

After his father recently passed away, Dru asks his butler Fritz to invite his brother Felonius Gru, who didn’t believe he had a twin brother, that too invited him over to his place, until he was shown a photograph of their birth. Gru then goes to his mother for an explanation, showing the photo that Fritz gave him. She then began to explain the truth of what actually happened; that his dad never died of disappointment when they were born; and that they had an agreement of divorce, not seeing each other again taking one of them separately to raise on their own, ultimately telling him that he had a long lost twin brother. Later on, Dru takes Felonius Gru to a secret underground lair, formerly their dad’s, having him witness his father's legendary legacy.


  • Robert's appearance shows that Gru and Dru inherited most of their physical traits from their father, though Gru seems to have inherited his hair color from his mother.
  • Being a character that wasn't developed much upon, Robert had some retcons:
    • In the family tree seen in Gru's house, Robert looks different from Despicable Me than he does from the portrait in Despicable Me 3. In the family tree, he is depicted with short curly black hair, and short sideburns, with a horseshoe mustache. His style of dressing also seems different. In his portrait shown in his villain lair underneath his mansion in Freedonia, he has a bald spot, short, straight blond hair, and short sideburns.
    • Robert is implied to be proudly aware of Gru's achievements all along.


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