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This character has been deceased and never appears in older films.
Robert Gru
DM3 - Watching Robert's portrait
Robert's portrait, seen in Dru's Mansion
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde

Legendary Supervillain


John Gru


Jeffrey Gru (brother)


Marlena Gru (ex-wife)


Felonius Gru (son)
Dru Gru (son)


Despicable Me (pictured)
Despicable Me 3 (pictured)

Robert Gru was Felonius Gru and Dru Gru's father, Marlena Gru's ex-husband as well; he was also the adopted paternal grandfather of Margo, Edith and Agnes, the father-in law of Lucy Wilde, and the son of John Gru.

During the event of the Despicable Me 3, he is revealed to be a legendary supervillain known as "the bald terror" with more success than both Gru and Dru.


Despicable Me

Screenshot 2016-03-11-21-08-32

Robert Gru, Gru Family Tree

Robert has only been seen in a picture on the Gru Family Tree but he never appeared in person during the first film or seen in any of Gru's flashbacks and wasn't even at his son's wedding near the end of the second film, or with him and his wife at the Villain-Con in the film Minions.

Despicable Me 3

Marlena Robert and baby Dru and Gru

Robert can be seen partially while holding baby Dru.

Marlena Gru tells Gru that she divorced with Robert after they had two sons. Robert got the custody of Dru while she got Gru's. The divorced couple decided not to meet each other again, and Marlena told Gru that Robert was dead.

Unbeknownst to Gru, Robert moved to Freedonia with his son and was a legendary supervillain, but he always disappoints at Dru in villainy while he was satisfied with Gru. Sometime before the event of the film, Robert died and then Dru's butler, Fritz, found Gru's House to tell Gru family the existence of unheard relatives.


Dnar-mobile ebbd3c7f2b09

A DNA test of Gru family

The drawing in the family tree in Gru's House depicts Robert as an overweight and an upper-class with black hair and moustache, also has a strange-looking face and like his son, Gru and his ex-wife, Marlena a large or long pointed nose.

In another portrait of Robert in Dru's mansion, his true appearance reveals that he had an uncanny resemblance between his sons with the exception of a head of half bald blonde hair.


  • A portrait of Robert shows a sign that Gru and Dru likely inherited their looks from their father.
  • Because he was never seen outside of still pictures, it's most likely that he was deceased long before the events of Despicable Me.


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