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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Rocket Launcher, is purely conjectural.

A rocket launcher is a weapon in the Despicable Me Series.


The rocket launcher fires an explosive warhead which is propelled by an internal source via conventional fuel. Both the muzzle velocity and cruising speed of this entity are average, comparable to its real-life counterparts. It is contact fused and upon detonation, unleashes thermal-kinetic energy in a medium radius, scalding and pushing everything caught in the blast.

The warhead is capable of homing, although it has low accuracy and is prone to friendly fire.


Despicable Me[]

Dave pulls a rocket launcher from behind his back during Gru's announcement of his moon heist, and accidentally fired it. The warhead ended up hitting a small group of minions. Gru scolds Dave for his accident, before a charred minion returns and punches him in the shoulder.

Despicable Me 2[]

A rocket launcher/bazooka is seen being carried by one of the kids in the background during Agnes' birthday party, although it is non-functional.

During a fantasy sequence, Dave and Lucy Wilde each use a rocket launcher/bazooka to shoot off fireworks.


  • Due to rating reasons, the rocket launcher's payload is absurdly weak compared to a real rocket launcher.
  • In Drus Lab,it is revealed that Robert gru owns A Rocket launcher of similiar design.
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