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The Royal Counsellor is a secondary character in the Minions. He serves in the palace with the butler and Queen Elizabeth ll and Athletes Corgis.



He is first seen when Bob becomes King of England and is taken to the palace in a car. He opens the door and says to him:

Hello King Bob. Welcome to Bukimncen Palace.

But he does not leave the car until the entire guard of the palace is dressed in a minion costume. Then, Bob gives his speech in the tarabaschina completely. Although, the inhabitants of London no one understands the language of the minion. And he stands and is silent.

After his coronation, he and the butler open the door of a huge building in the palace, and the Minions just begin to enjoy life: he and the butler slide, he looks for Bob, and after he rides the stairs. Kevin plays polo on the corgi dog and a huge team of athletes also plays with him in the same way. And the butler from Despicable Me 2, playing hide and seek with King Bob. And after Scarlet finds them and tries to kill them, he also reports that there are still laws.

He will appear at the end of the film in the palace along with the butler and Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen's corgis dogs and Athletes, the people of London and a huge tribe of minions. He gives the queen a mini crown for Bob's bear, the Butler gives the queen a snow globe for Stewart, later a guitar. Although he breaks it, and reluctantly gives the ball, and Kevin knights. It is not noticeable that the Queen's crown is gone and it turns out that Scarlet Overkill and Herb Overkill again stole the crown from Queen Elizabeth ll. It is not known whether she received a new crown or brought back a new crown.