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The SR-6 is a prototype shrink-ray device, designed in and stolen from a top-secret East Asian laboratory that can shrink any object to within the size of an apple, be it the Moon, an elephant, Kevin, Gru's Airship, Vector's own personal toilet, sink, and mouthwash.


The SR-6 shrinks something to a constant size; possibly the only person to take note of this was Dr. Nefario, and by observing the objects that had been shrunk by the SR-6 in Gru Labs, he discovered that the shrunk state of an object isn't permanent. Nefario discovered that the greater the mass of the object, the faster the shrunken item grows back to normal size. This is an effect called the Nefario principle, named after Dr. Nefario who was the first to describe the effect properly.


In order to pull off the theft of the Moon, Gru needed the SR-6 to shrink the satellite. He manages to locate the shrink ray by the time the Pyramid of Giza is stolen.

He initially steals the SR-6 from the top-secret testing lab on a East-Asian island. As Gru is flying away from the test site, Vector hijacks the SR-6 from Gru's ship. Gru's ship ends up being shrunk. Gru subsequently attempts to retrieve the shrink ray from Vector's fortress, only to be totally pummeled by its defenses.

Gru, after witnessing Margo, Edith and Agnes get into the fortress with ease by selling cookies, decides the adopt the girls in order to retrieve the SR-6. Gru uses them as a distraction to insert his Cookie Robots, in order to disable Vector's defenses, cut into the latter's vault and retrieve the shrink ray. Gru successfully gets it back and then uses it to (temporarily) shrink the Moon.

Later Margo and the Minions use the SR-6 to shrink a bunch of weapons, in preparation of the arrival of a social worker from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls.



  • The lab in which the SR-6 was tested in appears to be run by North Koreans. Not only is the location close to an area resembling Korea, on Heitor Pereira's site, the music that plays during the theft is titled "Korean Lab Heist".
  • In 2013 McDonalds made a happy meal toy with Jerry holding a tranluscent green whistle designed to look like the shrink ray.
  • " SR-6 means "Shrink Ray 6."


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