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Santa's Little Helpers is the new mini-movie based on the 2018 film Dr. Seuss' The Grinch.


Kevin, Stuart and Bob were mailed to get to Miami, but they were dropped in the North Pole where they see a light which turns out to be Santa's Workshop. It was there dream to meet Santa and help delivering his presents. The minions aren't the best elves like when they made presents they made a teddy bear with a train so they where moved to gingerbread houses. Kevin made a beautiful gingerbread house which was destroyed by Stuart and his gingerbread crane. And Bob was dumb enough to get stuck in his gingerbread house where Kevin helps him and Stuart who is eating the house which made the elf boss angry to move them to the stables. Bob saw a baby reindeer (which is a remodel of Lucky the goat) who got stuck in a fencepost where Bob opens the door it was just a plan to get the reindeers out of there stables. The whole place was ruined by the minions when Santa comes the minions accidentaly got the sleigh. It ends with the minions singing the Minionese version of Jingle Bells with some photos.


  • Pierre Coffin as Kevin/Stuart/Bob
  • Raymond S. Persi as Head Elf
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Santa/Driver/Adult Reindeer/Elf
  • Tara Strong as Baby Reindeer/Elf
  • Brian. T. Delaney as Adult Reindeer/Elf


The Picture in the post credit scene shows the Minions delivering presents to a village. The Village is actually Who-Ville from The Grinch.