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Saturday Morning Minions is a 2021 animated comedy slapstick series produced by Illumination and Universal Pictures. It's based on the Despicable Me franchise and it focuses on the Minions.


One month after the events of Despicable Me 3, the Minions continues their whacky adventures, finishing in various slapstick scenarios.



Season 1[]

  1. "Mini Vacation"
  2. "Swimming Fools"
  3. "Teed Off"
  4. "Slip N' Slide"
  5. "Fireworks"
  6. "Point Guard"
  7. "Beach Ball"
  8. "Marathon"
  9. "Chair Race"
  10. "Raspberry Rhapsody"

Season 2[]

  1. "Cast Away"
  2. "Popsicle"
  3. "Bicycle Short"
  4. "School Dazed"
  5. "Picture Day"
  6. "Cast Away 2"
  7. "H2NO"
  8. "Claws & Effect"
  9. "Spider"
  10. "Food Fright"

Season 3[]

  1. "Panic Mechanic"
  2. "Scaredy Camp"
  3. "Balloonatics"
  4. "Gumball Machine"
  5. "Remote Controlled"
  6. "Banana Brawl"
  7. "Mad Bladder"
  8. "Lightning"
  9. "Winter Blunderland"
  10. "Wreck The Halls"

Season 4[]

  1. "Treadmill"
  2. "The Fly"
  3. "Picnic Panic"
  4. "Resized"
  5. "Paint Brawl"
  6. "Top Banana"
  7. "Bath Time for Kyle"
  8. "I'm Sorry"
  9. "Banana Boat"
  10. "Clip Clip Hooray"

Season 5 (exclusive to the Chinese version)[]

  1. Ticket Tricky"
  2. Grinch"
  3. Fireworks 2"
  4. Phone"
  5. Cake"
  6. Ride"
  7. Help"
  8. Wrestling"
  9. Grinch 2"
  10. Dog Heart"
  11. Group Photo Destroy King"


  • This was Illumination's first web series.
  • Differently than any other media of the franchise, the show is traditionally animated.
  • Despite being a web series, the show aired on actual television worldwide, including CCTV-14 in China, Boomérang and Zétv Famille in Canadian-Belgie, Pop Max, Boomerang UK, Cartoonito in Italy, Latin America, Scandinavia, Portugal, Turkey, Middle East and Africa, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe, Boomerang in Australia, Cartoon Network in Canada, Zum Zap in Miranda, and the Moonbug 24/7 FAST channel in the United States.
  • There are several episodes that were only from the Chinese version Here is a few of them.
  • The Chinese version is called "小黄人和萌友/小黄人与格鲁日记" (lit. Minions And Cute Friends/Minions and Gru's Diary).
  • Like Minion Rush, Chris Renaud's Dave screaming in pain is reused in the episode "Panic Mechanic" and "I'm Sorry".