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Just like Gru and Vector, Scarlet Overkill also owns her unique aircraft, which can be seen in the film Minions.


The plane has a zigzag shape and the color is scarlet, just like its owner's name. At the upper part, there are at least eight seats for passengers and a seat for Scarlet to drive, and at the end of it is a engine of the plane, which gives out light blue flames when flying; the lower part of the plane contains three foldable stools assisting its departing and landing.

In addition, the windows of the plane is able to be opened (since Bob did so) and the inner space is also enough for food and beverages for passengers.



After choosing Kevin, Stuart, and Bob as new henchmen, Scarlet Overkill brings them on her plane and leaves Villain-Con, Orlando. In their way, Stuart enjoys cocktails while Bob opens the window and makes fun with the wind; Kevin calls back to Minion Ice Cave for the news about Scarlet, their new boss. Later, Scarlet lands her plane in her castle in England.

Later, after Bob is crowned as the king of England and is taken to Buckingham Palace, Scarlet furiously takes Herb Overkill to the palace and decides to retaliate on the Minions.