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Scarlet Overkill's most notable costume is her Rocket Dress. In the film Minions, Scarlet has several types of rocket dresses in different occasions.


All types of rocket dresses are presumably developed by Herb Overkill.

The rocket dress is red, parabolic, and made of metal. Sometimes there's a golden "S" on the surface of the rocket dress. The length of the dress is often much longer than Scarlet's height.

It can be easily compressed, features an integrated rocket engine as well as a wide array of weapons.



Scarlet attends Villain-Con to deliver a speech and find new henchmen. When she is introduced, she first hides behind a white curtain, and then activates her rocket dress and flies out above the audience. When she flies down to the stage, her rocket collapses under her skirt.

Later, Herb designs another type of rocket dress for her coronation, which Scarlet likes very much. According to Herb, "The material is a blend of taffeta and high-density armor; fully armed and loaded", and the dress runs on nuclear power. In addition, a large lava cannon and rocket launcher is also hidden in the suit.

The dress is also able to shield Scarlet from heavy objects and explosions, as shown when Scarlet is kept safe from a falling chandelier in Westminster Abbey, and from the missile explosion inside Kevin's mouth. Though, her rocket dress is gone during the knighting of Kevin in Buckingham Palace.



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