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This page is trivia about Scarlet Overkill. Please add any trivia that pertain to that article.

  • Scarlet Overkill's style is very similar and is based on the famous 1960s fashion icon and former American first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, as she wears similar lenses, the same gloves and has a hairstyle similar to hers.
  • Scarlet is the first female villain in history (in the Despicable Me universe) and the first female villain in the Despicable Me storyline, as well as the first female villain in an Illumination film.
  • She is a great fan of England's history and culture, especially Queen Elizabeth and Corgis, making her an Anglophile despite having an American accent.
  • In the Minions Junior Novel, a novelization of the film, gave her a different ending: During the "Kevin Explosion", her rocket dress would fail, sending her and Herb flying to land near the cave where the Yetis (and previously Minions) live. After a while, she would be crowned as the queen of the Yetis.
  • She is similar to Balthazar Bratt, both have black hair, both are famous, both were orphans and then became supervillains when they were teenagers.
  • If she was 41 in Minions, she would be 83 by the time the events of the first Despicable Me happened, as Minions and Despicable Me share a forty-two year time span. So it is possible that she and her husband already retire from villainy by this point and the fact that Gru already took her spot.
  • She is shown to be extremely strong as she was able to knock away all of the villains that were on top of her.
  • The dress Scarlett wears at the coronation resembles that of the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland movies and Alice Through the Looking Glass
  • Scarlett's reasons for being queen are similar to what Madam Mim wanted to give in The Sword in Usurp the Throne's 1963 stone