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The Secret of the Deep Sea is a special mission in Minion Rush that began on July 11th, 2018.

In this mission, the objective items were Ship Wheels, Anchors and Plungers. It was comprised of two laps, requiring a total number of 9,526 items to collect. It followed the patter of the Soccer Tournament mission, which was the first one after a series of updates that the number of special items required to collect were significantly more than the usual 7,706 in two laps. The prizes offered included perks, prize pods, golden tickets, market tickets, tokens, Mel and Island Hopper cards.

The host area was the Pier 12. The new fever was called Seafaring Fever.

The secret of the deep sea was the first mission of this 5.6.0 main update. While the market was on, Sea Dog as well as Island Hopper were the costumes for purchase with market tickets as well as blueprints, prize pods and golden tickets. Golden tickets for Sea Dog as well as Leotard, Bratt's Workout, Cleopatra and Lab Coat were also available.