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Security Guard
Guard Musee
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown

The Security Guard in the Museum


Binky Nelson


Binky Nelson Unpacified

Voiced by

Matt Kawczynski

The Security Guard is a character that appears in the mini-movie Binky Nelson Unpacified. He tries to stop Binky Nelson, who appears to be an intruder of the museum, his effort turns out to be unsuccessful in the end, however.  


The security guard is a chubby and bearded man with blue shirt and trousers, a pair of boots and a white cowboy hat when it patrols the museum.

Binky Nelson Unpacified[]

Somehow, the guard didn't notice the Nelson's family's heist - they have stolen many treasures and some of them apparently are from the museum.

Yet, Binky Nelson flies back to the museum while his family doesn't notice about it. So does the security guard at first. Binky swiftly dodges from infrared detectors in the museum, but when he's about to enter the password, the alarm is triggered. So, the guard, by the time is watching an old film and drinking coffee, leaves his monitor room and takes a look at that zone. Many exhibits are gone; the guard notices Binky, stands in front him and grab him up.

Binky uses a catapult, making exhibits crashes to another one by one, results in a big statue topples. The pacifer is on that statue, so Binky goes home with it and the security guard's hat, while the guard is still trying to support under the falling statue.


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