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I mean there's just so many phonies out there!
— Shannon
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Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde

Felonius Gru (formerly)
Lucy Wilde (formerly)


Despicable Me 2

Voiced by

Kristen Schaal

Shannon is a minor antagonist in Despicable Me 2. She is a friend of Jillian and goes out on a date with Gru.


Shannon is rude, insatiable, nonchalant, and ignorant. She has a loathing for 'phonies', which is what she calls dishonest people, including Gru. She loves exercising. She believes that physical fitness is very important.


Shannon has partly peach skin, long straight blonde hair, and brown eyes with magenta eye shadow. She wears red lipstick. She also wears a strapless orange leopard-print dress and scarf with matching heels. She is skinny and has a large jiggly behind. She is very hot, with a large pointy nose. Her mouth opens to unnatural large sizes at multiple times throughout the date.



The details of Shannon's early life remain undisclosed. During a period of her life, she started to do body exercises, leading to the development of her physically appealing physique. She also met Jillian at some point of her life, who she would later befriend. She would also develop certain hatred towards what she deems as "phonies", probably related to some experience in her life.

Despicable Me 2[]

Having been set up on a date with Gru by Jillian, the pair go to a restaurant on a pier. Shannon interrogates Gru on his physical fitness before working out on the restaurant floor, drawing attention to herself much to the dismay of Gru. Luckily, Lucy spots the pair while she is collecting her take-out. Shannon eventually realizes that Gru is wearing a wig and declares him a "phony", threatening to expose him in front of everyone else in the restaurant. Lucy hears this, and, to save Gru from embarrassment, shoots Shannon with a tranquilizer at her butt causing it to jiggle and clench, which causes her to pass out and land her face in her plate of spaghetti. One of the employees at the restaurant is worried that Shannon is not enjoying the food, but Lucy lies and says that Shannon has just been drinking too much alcohol. Lucy then suggests to Gru that they should take Shannon home.

Carrying Shannon out of the restaurant, the pair get her head stuck in the door, then get her flung against a lamp post. A policeman spots them pick Shannon up and gets suspicious, but Gru and Lucy move Shannon's arms and body to pretend she is conscious . When Gru is putting Shannon in the front seat, they realize that the three of them cannot all fit, so they tie Shannon to the top of the car.

At Shannon's home, Lucy brakes the car so rapidly Shannon detaches from the ceiling and flies into another car. Gru and Lucy leave Shannon on the front porch with her face in the plant pot. After this, Lucy and Gru began to develop affectionate feelings for each other.

Shannon is seen at the end of the movie, as a guest at Lucy and Gru's wedding.



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