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Sleepy Kittens is a puppet book which belonged to Agnes in Despicable Me. Agnes persuades Gru to read the book as her and her sisters' bedtime story, despite Gru's disgust.

The book has several additional components, such as cloth-made puppet kittens and a small brush, to make the reader mimick the plot, and such a feature passes down to its sequel, One Big Unicorn.

Three little kittens loved to play, they had fun in the sun all day.

Then their mother came out and said, "Time for kittens to go to bed."

Three little kittens started to bawl, "Mommy, we're not tired at all."

Their mother smiled and said with a purr, "Fine, but at least you should brush your fur."

Three little kittens with fur all brushed said, "We can't sleep, we feel too rushed!"

Their mother replied, with a voice like silk, "Fine, but at least you should drink your milk."

Three little kittens, with milk all gone, rubbed their eyes and started to yawn.

"We can't sleep, we can't even try." Then their mother sang a lullaby.

"Good night kittens, close your eyes. Sleep in peace until you rise. Though while you sleep, we are apart, your mommy loves you with all her heart.


  • Later, when Edith wants Gru to read the book for them again, Gru claims the book was "destroyed maliciously", while Kyle scoffs. It's presumed that either Kyle ate the book or that Gru destroyed it himself.
  • Cinco Paul, the writer of the plot, added this scene, and it was based when he used to read the book Three Little Bunnies by Nicola Smee to his daughters.[1]
  • The colors of the three kittens in the book resemble the Powerpuff Girls: Pink Kitten (Blossom), Blue Kitten (Bubbles), Green Kitten (Buttercup).