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Snowboard prop

The Snowboard  was an item in Despicable Me: Minion Rush that was only available in The Arctic Base.

In the 2.0.1 update, players had the option to run in The Arctic Base and collect ornaments and presents scattered throughout runs in order to help the Minions celebrate their Christmas. Players were rewarded for collecting a certain number of ornaments or presents, as shown by a level with a gift box on it. However, these ornaments and presents didn't spawn frequently, which was where the role of the Snowboard came into place.


The Snowboard was, hence the name, a large red and white snowboard. It only spawned during runs if the player paid 50 Tokens. When the Snowboard was used, the player's Minion was warped into a snowy and endless hill and find himself riding the Snowboard down a mountain for 20 seconds (default, without upgrades). The player tilted the screen to move left or right to collect several needed items (Update 2.5.0 only), which spawned frequently (usually about 5 to 6 items per Snowboard use).

There were several flags that the player's Minion slid through while riding the Snowboard, which increased his Despicable Multiplier, as well as jump ramps scattered across the land which could be used to help the player collect a few items in midair. However, there were also snowmen scattered across the land as well, which caused the player to greatly slow down if crashed into. If the player used all three Snowboards and slides through several flags per ride, not only will he collected a lot of needed items in his run, but he also reached a very high Despicable Multiplier number, which made it much easier to increase his high score. The Snowboard could also be upgraded to last longer for 200 tokens (first upgrade).