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Snowboarder Minion is a playable character in the mobile-action game Minion Rush. He can be purchased with 800 tokens.


  • The Snowboarder Minion is currently one of 2 holiday-themed minions. The other being the Santa Minion.
  • Snowboarder's ability takes effect in Gru's Lab.
  • The costume was introduced in the 1.5.0 version, which had a special holiday themed Gru's Lab. The lab had Christmas decorations and snow. Snowboarder's outfit was sensible in that specific update. However, Gru's Lab returned to normal since then, but Snowboarder's abilities still take effect in this area, even though a more appropriate area, the Arctic, came a year later.
  • During the 2014 Christmas update, when a player finished all the special mission levels, the player would receive the Snowboarder Minion.

Costs and Upgrades


Cost 2-star 3-star 4-star 5-star
Cost 800 Tokens 5,000 Bananas 15,000 Bananas 100 Tokens 200 Tokens
Ability All Power-Ups last 20 seconds longer in Gru's Lab +1 second
All Power-Ups last 21 seconds longer in Gru's Lab
+2 seconds
All Power-Ups last 23 seconds longer in Gru's Lab
+2 seconds
All Power-Ups last 25 seconds longer in Gru's Lab
+2 seconds
All Power-Ups last 27 seconds longer in Gru's Lab
DSM +1 None None None None


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