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The Sonic Keytar is a weapon that appeared in Despicable Me 3, owned by Balthazar Bratt.

Despicable Me 3[]

The first dance fight between Balthazar Bratt and Felonius Gru ends with Gru seemingly knocking Bratt unconscious. Shortly after Gru notifies the Alpha Team of the Anti-Villain League, Bratt reveals to Gru that he was only pretending to have been defeated. He subsequently blows Gru away and publicly humiliates him by playing the opening synth lead to Van Halen's Jump on his Keytar. This marks the Keytar's first appearance in the film.

Later, during the final battle in Hollywood after Bratt's Giant Robot collapses, another dance fight begins, ending with Gru seemingly being defeated once again. But as Bratt attempts to reach his Keytar, it is revealed that Gru had secretly stolen Bratt's keytar during the final seconds of the fight. He then blows Bratt away and humiliates him in a similar fashion to how Gru was before, this time playing the opening Guitar riff from Dire Straits' Money for Nothing. After blowing Bratt away, Gru throws the keytar down on the scraps where the robot had collapsed. This marks the Keytar's final appearance.


  • It is the first weapon in Despicable Me franchise to physically resemble a musical instrument.


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