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Spider is the 9th episode the second season of Saturday Morning Minions and the 19th episode overall.


Tom (in his maid suit) is cleaning a banana peel left of a floor when a spider drops onto his arm. He screams and flings the spider away, but ends up slipping and crashing onto the floor. Then, Zorex and Eugene are cleaning glass cups, when the spider lands on Tim's arm. Tim makes a "girl" scream causing every glass to break, and the spider flees.

Alazraqui is using a vacuum cleaner when the spider lands on his head. He ends up getting scared and sucking himself into the vacuum cleaner, and the spider flees. As all three Minions cower in a corner, Zorex approaches and mocks them for their fear of spiders. He then decides to take care of this problem and tries to hit the spider with a broom.

The spider ends up landing on Zorex and all the Minions scream and flee. As the spider approaches them, Agnes appears and the spider crawls on her finger as she giggles. Then the Minions then begin mumbling in embarrassment as Agnes approaches them. They all (except for Agnes) scream and panic. Zorex’s "girl" scream makes the whole neighborhoods glass shatter as the episode ends.