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Squid launcher, oh yeah!


The Squid Launcher is the second known weapon invented by Vector.


Squid Launcher is a white, pump-action weapon that loads a live squid when cocked, and has a very small ammunition capacity, though it also possesses a surprisingly large reserve powered by an unknown type of technology.

The range is somewhat unimpressive due to the mass of the projectile, although this can be increased with some configurations and tweaks. The squid uses its suckers to adhere to surfaces when fired and can be attached with a tether, allowing it to function as a makeshift grappling hook.


Vector had just finalized the weapon when he visited Mr. Perkins at the Bank of Evil. After being basically told by his father that Gru humiliated Vector, the flamboyant supervillain confidently shows off the weapon by firing it, accidentally hitting someone below the second floor who shouted "Ahh, there is a squid on my face!" After this incident, he reloads his weapon, revealing a second squid that rolls its eyes at Vector's threat to Gru's mission.

Later, Vector uses the squid launcher to grapple onto Gru's Rocket. Before he is dragged by the rocket, he gives the launcher to Fred McDade. The weapon is never seen again.


  • Like all of Vector's products, the Squid Launcher seems to defy natural laws. It is not only able to reserve space inside for more than one squid, but it keeps them all alive and healthy for unspecified periods of time.
  • The squids used in the weapons are very large, and are shown to be intelligent enough to not only understand human speech, but emotionally react to it.


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