Squid launcher, oh yeah!

The Squid Launcher is the second known weapon invented by Vector. It has the ability to shoot a squid several yards. It also has the ability to create a squid out of nowhere when pumped. It is possible to tie a rope or cable to the squid and use it like a grappling hook.


Vector had just invented the weapon when he visited Mr. Perkins at the Bank of Evil. After being basically told by his father that Gru humiliated Vector, the flamboyant supervillain shows off the weapon but the squid launched accidentally hits someone below the second floor, who shouted "Ahh, there is a squid on my face!"

Later Vector used the squid launcher to grapple onto Gru's Rocket. Before he is dragged by the rocket, he gives the launcher to Fred McDade. It is unknown what happens to it afterwards, but it's not seen again. It's possible that Fred find it useless and kept it hidden.


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