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State Prison is a Location in Despicable Me 3, where the Minions, except Dave and Jerry, were sent to State Prison after they accidentally trespassed onto Stage B of Mondial Productions Headquarters after quitting Felonius Gru.


Despicable Me 3[]

At the Prison, the Minions bullied lots of prisoners, causing the prisoners to flee to their cells whenever they saw the Minions. The prisoners were bullied by the Minions many times, such as the time when one of the prisoners wanted to take a shower, and a Minion whipped the prisoner with a towel, causing him to go away. Mel, meanwhile had several flashbacks of times when Gru would do good things to him, which made him wish that he was still working for Gru. While at lunch, Minions started throwing dishes and bowls all over the room, causing many prisoners to duck or flee. Mel, who had been preparing their escape for a few days already, discussed the escape with the other Minions, who all agreed with the escape plan. They made an air balloon, using several prison uniforms, toilets, and a washing machine, and escaped the Prison, later to reunite with Felonius Gru.