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Ooh! Gelato!
— Steve after seeing a green popsicle.

Steve is one of Gru's Minions.


Steve is a one-eyed minion with combed hair. He looks just like Stuart.


Despicable Me 2[]

Steve is first seen helping to make the jelly, shouting at a hard hatted minion that the juice is ready to be mixed into the jelly.

Later on, when the Minions were captured in a ice cream truck by Dr. Nefario, Steve ran away but he got captured as well after they laid out a trap involving a green popsicle which he tried to lick but his tongue got stuck.

He was also seen in the beach part of Eduardo's Lab where he wakes up and is delighted finds out he is at a beach. He later then accepts a banana from Kevin and strips naked.

Screenshot (63)

Steve as an Evil Minion

Steve is also mutated later and he is seen yelling and blowing a raspberry at Stuart, causing Dave to do the same to another evil minion and ends up blowing his cover. Steve is later reverted by the jelly cannon but ends up having an overdose of jelly on him, forcing him to revert Jon by throwing some into his mouth.

Steve later appears at Gru’s wedding and after seeing Tim and John play YMCA, dresses up as a construction worker.

Teed Off[]

Him and Mil were playing golf.

Despicable Me 3[]

He appeared trying to break Dr. Nefario free with Paxton and Matthew.

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