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The Storage is the location that is able to contain all items in Minions Paradise.


The storage is a hut with some machines, and the building is elevated with some stairs surronded.


Once the Minions make a stuff, the player can collect them for further uses, or they can just store them temporaily in the Storage. However, the space of the storage is limited, so the number of stuffs and tools can't exceed a certain number, or the item can't be collected.

Yet, if the player has enough amount of three special items (Rope, Palm, and Wood) or spend Doubloons, the storage can be expanded. The more times of expanding, the more cost of items need to be spent. After the level 5, a function called Market Place can sell any items from the storage to gain Doubloons.



  • If a trade of the sold items were made, a bag of shiny coins can be seen outside the hut until the player enters and collect the Doubloon.