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The Stretch Suit is a gadget used by Bob in Minions. Herb Overkill gives this gadget to Bob to use it during Queen Elizabeth II's crown heist.


The stretch suits has many joints and it's very flexible and can be strengthened to a few meters long. In front of the suit there's a claw with three metal pieces, just like minions' fingers.



The suit's first appearance is that Herb Overkill stirs his beverage in the cup. He then jumps down from machines upwards and give the gadget to Bob.

When the crown is taken away by some machines in the Tower of London, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob follows it and Bob successfully cut the metal lid of the cabinet by the stretch suits. When they are about to take the crown, it is taken away from some soldiers and is given to the Queen. The minions then chase the Queen's carriage, and Bob happens to find that the suit of his legs also work, so he walk in stride with the suit and is able to approch the Queen faster, his also grabs Kevin and Stuart with him.

However, his rash action is soon hindered by the police, so Bob throw his fellows to the carriage and he himself manages to escape from the police. But Bob falls to the sewer accidentally. Later, Bob escapes from the sewer and sees that the carriage is out of control, so he grabs the carriage and a streetlight to stop it, the Minions, and the Queen from falling into the river. Yet, Bob is unable to grab the streetlight too long and the carriage is thrown into a park. At last, the carriage crashes against a tree, but no one gets hurt.

The Queen, who is still in the broken carriage, immediately order the police to catch the Minions. Bob soon reaches a stone and pull out the sword with his stretch suit for defense. Little does he know that it is the renowned Excalibur, so Bob soon becomes the king of England. He drags the sword out of the park and he is taken to Buckingham Palace.


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