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Super Silly Fun Land is the eighth location featured in Minion Rush.

It is unlocked immediately after completing an objective of Operation 5 of the Global Goals. In update 1.8.1, Super Silly Fun Land was originally introduced in the game.


Super Silly Fun Land is based on the real Super Silly Fun Land found in Despicable Me. It is also the last location released before the Jelly Lab update.

It features obstacles such as moving or stationary caterpillar rides, obstacles with blue bodies and three eyes that one must roll under (as shown in the picture above), tall red poles with balloons on them, boards, ticket booths, bumper cars, castles that can be jumped over and/or rolled over, small walls resembling creatures with two or three eyes with spinning pupils.

Boxing gloves are also found around the small walls which punch the player's Minion (similar to the magnets in El Macho's Lair, hair dryers in the Anti-Villain League, and the Minions with boxing gloves in Gru's Lab); this attack does not harm the player's Minion) and ropes that span across the boardwalk.

There is a secret area which has the appearance of a large hole resembling a giant green caterpillar mouth. When this hole is entered, the player's Minion will be warped onto the roller coaster where they can collect many Bananas. This likely replaces the slide found in other areas. The Villaintriloquist is the boss of this location, and appears in a similar way to the secret area. He will try to defeat the player's minion with Jack in the Boxes. The blue boxes can be tossed back at him to deal damage to him and his puppet.


  • In early versions, there were some minions taking photos behind Dave minion in the beginning of the location. Oddly enough, an Evil Minion appears and disturbs them, which also makes the minions run away and scream, but Evil Minions never appear in the film Despicable Me - they are the characters in the sequel Despicable Me 2.
  • Minions can react differently when they fail:
    • Tripping on a hammock, stanchion, or banner and groaning
    • Screaming in pain and falling over
    • Being defeated by The Villaintriloquist
  • Unfortunately, the Banana Vacuum does not appear before entering the secret area.



Before the Jelly Lab update, there's a featured soundtrack played as background music in the home page in Super Silly Fun Land. This is also the last soundtrack of each locations and also the last to be released before the Jelly Lab update; the locations released after Jelly Lab don't have such background music.


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