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SATURDAY MORNING MINIONS - Episode 2- Swimming Fools (Illumination Entertainment) HD

Swimming Fools is the 2nd episode of Saturday Morning Minions.


"No no

"No no."

Stuart is running along the pool edge. Life guard Kevin sees him and blows his whistle to stop Stuart. Kevin tells Stuart that there is no running at the pool area, prompting Stuart to walk away, unimpressed. Stuart then decides to mess with Kevin and drops into the water face first. Kevin, believing that Stuart is in danger, comes to save him. Stuart the emerges from the water and spits it at Kevin. Annoyed, Kevin swims away and returns to the life guard chair. He then sees Stuart holding on to the diving board, pretending to be in danger. Kevin, tricked by this, dashes to the rescue, but Stuart lets go, resulting in Kevin getting flung away while Stuart lands in the pool. Angered, Kevin walks back to the pool and mumbling about Stuart tricking him again. As Kevin gets to the life guard chair, he spots Stuart pretending to drown. Kevin tries to refuse to go, but when Stuart goes underwater, Kevin gets worried and swims to the rescue. He finds out that Stuart is breathing with a oxygen tank, with Stuart laughing mockingly.

Naked Stuart

Stuart naked after Kevin takes his swimming shorts.

Furious, Kevin decides to teach Stuart a lesson by pulling his pants off him. This makes and now naked Stuart the laughing stock of the Minions in the pool, prompting him to leave, humiliated.



  • This is the first episode in Saturday Morning Minions where a Minion is seen fully naked.