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The AVL or Anti-Villain League is a team of villain fighters. In the beginning of Despicable Me 2, the AVL hires Gru because of his past villain experience.

Bank of Evil[]

The Bank of Evil is the bank Gru used to use before getting kicked out and getting hired by the AVL. The bank is run by Mr. Perkins, who is Vector’s Father.

The Minions[]

We all love The Minions they’re yellow, they work for Gru, they love bananas, and are a bit mischievous.

The Evil Minions[]

The Evil Minions were a short lived group that El Macho was attempting to use to take over the world. The Evil Minions are minions infected with PX-41, a transmutation serum.

The Villains[]

Also known as Villain-Con

Supervillains have been here since the 1890s latest, as shown in Minions. Scarlet Overkill was the first female supervillain but there were hundreds of female villains in the audience so there must be a difference between villain and supervillain.

Gru Labs[]

Gru Labs is the team behind all of Gru’s gadgets. The group consists of Gru, Dr. Nefario, and The Minions.

Gru Labs Freedonia[]

Also known as Dru Labs

Gru Labs Freedonia is the team behind all of Dru’s Gadgets. The group consists of Dru and Bald Terror.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob[]

Kevin, Stuart and Bob are the minions who travel halfway around the world to save their tribe in the film Minions.