The Arctic Base is a location in the mobile game Minion Rush. It first appeared with the Christmas update in 2014.


This location features as part of the Christmas update, as well as one of the many locations while playing in the Jelly Lab. It's the 11th permanent location in the game.

While running in this location, players must roll under or jump over gates, as well as dodge moving snowmobiles, walls, toilet stands and barrels. There are icy areas that behave similar to the slides in other locations. Much like in The Mall, the player has obstacles in his way to dodge, however, instead of plants, the player must dodge snowmen while sliding.

This location also features a secret area, which involves the player entering one of the PX-Labs and collecting Bananas inside before exiting out the other side. Two Banana Splitters and a Banana Vacuum spawn inside, however players must be aware that both items cannot be used at the same time.

This location also features an prop exclusive to it, which is the Snowboard and later on the Minion Sled. Unlike other items, Snowboards or Minion Sleds do not spawn during regular gameplay unless they are rewarded to the player (allowing three to spawn randomly in one run) or paid 50 tokens to spawn three of them randomly.

During the Festive Festivities and New Year's Chase special missions, the area was re-decorated to include Christmas decorations in the background, making the area look more festive. The Arctic Base was temporarily renamed to Santa's Base.



  • For some reason, when minions are hit by the players, their clothes change - that is, before the smash they wear white coats, but after the smash they changed to their normal minion outfits instead.
  • When the minion runs into a a portable toilet, the door opens and another minion can be seen inside.
  • The Arctic Base is the first location that was used to hold two special missions, Holiday Quest and Festive Festivities.


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