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The Elephant is an animal that appears in the first Despicable Me movie. It appeared at the Top Secret Research Facility.


It is a large grey elephant with long, but short tusks, big ears, (like some elephants do) big legs, big toe nails, and a lumpy forehead. He is also a little bit chunky.


when Gru and two Minions, Tim and Larry went in the airship to steal the Shrink Ray from the lab, the elephant appeared inside a holding room inside the lab. The elephant was lured to the Shrink Ray by a plate of bananas, since banana is an elephant's best snack. The elephant looked down wanting to eat a banana, but then one of the workers turned off the lights. The elephant, not knowing what was going on, opened his eyes wider open. He looked at the lab workers, and looked back at the Shrink Ray. Then the Shrink Ray was ready to blast, The worker pushed a button, and the Shrink Ray blasted at the elephant. The elephant shrunk down to the size of a mouse. And then there was nothing. As the lights came back on, the workers saw that they successfully shrank the elephant, which is smaller then the plate of bananas. The shrunken elephant did a high-pitch trumpet, and the workers found it adorable, before Gru makes a hole in the building for one of the Minions. It is likely the elephant grew back into his normal size afterwards.


  • It is unknown about the outcome of the shrunken elephant, although according to Nefario Princaple, it is most likely reverted to original size.
  • The elephant will appear in Despicable Me 4 in its normal size, although it is completely unknown if it will.
  • It only appears in the first film, it will probably finally come back in the fourth film.
  • Even though it was in East Asia, the elephant as the test subject is an African elephant as Asian elephants have rounded heads, smaller ears, and a humped back also Both male and female African elephants can have tusks, but only male Asian elephants can grow them. .
  • It is unknown how the elephant got put in the holding room, although the workers probably caught it.
  • There was no scene of what happened to the elephant, though it probably was took out of the big room and put inside a safer part of the lab.
  • Since the Shrink Ray effect is temporary and if the mass of an object is large, the elephant likely had a quick grow- back.
  • After the elephant was shrunk, it was able to run a lot faster.