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The Mall is a playable location in Minion Rush. It can be unlocked by completing the 3rd operation of the Global Goals. In update 1.4.0, The Mall was introduced as the fifth location to be featured in the game. It did have a watermelon, coconut, pineapple, blueberry and strawberry area.


The Mall is based around the Paradise Mall found in Despicable Me 2. It features obstacles such as green wet stand signs, blue news boards that need be rolled under, tall red sweeper machines controlled by Minions, plants, split paths and walls that block the player's path.

There is also a large wet area that can be slid across, which replaces the slides found in other locations. The Mall lacks a boss, however, its secret area is the Paradise Movie Theater that allows the player to run into while collecting Bananas before taking a spring out of the area.

Only in the update 4.2.0 in December 2016, the main theme of the surroundings was replaced by the content from the film Sing for celebrating its theatrical release.



Before the Jelly Lab update, there's a featured soundtrack played as background music in the home page in the Mall.


  • In the original Despicable Me movie, The Mom Minion, Dad Minion, and Baby Minion go to a mall to buy Agnes a new unicorn doll, although it appears to be a different mall than the one in Minion Rush. However, the mall in Minion Rush appears in Despicable Me 2.
  • While riding the Fluffy Unicorn at the Mall, the Residential Area can be seen from outside the window.
  • The Paradise Theater in the mall will show the logo of Universal Studios on its screen inside.
  • Until the 5-Year Celebration update, this location's secret area used to have one Banana Splitter before springing from the movie theater.
  • There is one bug in this area:
    • When there are two minions near the banners, one of them has one eye and the other has two, but when they're punched, both of them seem to have two eyes as they smack their heads on the screen.
  • One-eyed minions are also seen in the Volcano and the Minion Park.
  • Some minions' fail reactions are seen in this area and don't exist in others:
    • Being pulled under a sweeper and thrown out causing the runner to get dizzy.
    • Tripping on a banner and groaning.
    • Falling into a puddle and splashing in it.


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