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The Minions' Valentine was a special mission in Minion Rush that began on February 14th, 2018, which was exactly Valentine's Day of that year.

In this mission, the objective items were Valentine's Day Cards, Milkshakes and Red Velvet Cakes. It was comprised of two laps, requiring a total number of 7,706 items to collect. The first lap takes 11.1% of all the mission, leaving the rest 88.9% for the second. The prizes offered included perks, prize pods, golden tickets, market tickets, tokens, Mel and Island Hopper cards.

The host area was a specially decorated Pier 12 fit for Valentine's Day. The area's main colors are pink and red, fluffy unicorns decorate the background and the area gives the player a sensational, lovely feeling. The new fever was called Cupid's Fever. It is the first time the Valentine's mission was not hosted in Minion Park.

Since the Strike Saga began, main updates cover two special missions. The first one offers a new costume for Dave available only in the Market, but the second does not. However, during the second mission the market offers Skater at the price of 6,000 market tickets and Island Hopper for 500 market tickets. Additionally, the second special mission offers golden tickets for a new golden skill costume.

One of the funny parts of this area is the shark who has a red lipstick mark on it's cheek (see images below).