Despicable Me Wiki

As many of us know there is a great quantity of minion, Because of this it is impossible for each minion to be completely unique, Therefor there are a limited number of possible minion variations (excluding unique handcrafted minions like Bob who has Heterochromia)

Now for the main point.

All possible despicable me Minion variations

2 Minion eye types / 1-(one eyed) 2-(two eyed)

3 Minion height types / 1-(short) 2-(medium) 3-(tall)

2 Minion body types / 1-(average) 2-(plump)

4 Minion hair styles / 1-(spiky hair) 2-(sprout hair) 3-(combed hair) 4-(bald)

For a grand total of **48** possible (background) minions

A fine example of this would be Jorge who is 2-2-2-1 (two eyed) (medium) (plump) (spiky hair)