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The name The Pink Berets does not belong to the Despicable Me franchise.

The Pink Berets. From Left to Right: Bit, Fluffy, and Patch.

The Pink Berets is Special Forces Unit serving the Easter Bunny. Among the members, Fluffy is the leader and has a tracking device while Bit is the smallest and yongest one; Patch is the oldest member and she is the gadget expert, and she looks after Bit, who is always messing up.

They all have special moves and was asked to find E.B. and take him home to Easter Island. They first appear when the red lights are flashing because E.B went missing and they hop into the tunnel and starts to search for E.B. They found a security cam (the same one E.B found) and kicked it down.

Later in the film, they are shown looking through cars, making they're alarms go off, which frightened E.B. and he ran into the video game building. Then they are shown hanging from ropes off a high building which scared E.B off, again. E.B. eventually loses them by putting his sweater on a Turkey to fake his death. The trio fall for the deception, believing that E.B. was killed by Fred, whom they capture and return to Easter Island.


The Pink Berets are females. Her pink berets are look different and a black backpack and sash.

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