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The Volcano is a location in Minion Rush and the ninth location available.


It is also the first location released after the Jelly Lab update. It can be unlocked by completing Operation 11 of the Global Goals.

The Volcano is a unique location. It is a volcano surrounded by a tropical jungle. It features obstacles such as tall logs, smaller rolling logs, plants that must be rolled under, rolling wooden wheels, tall and short wooden spikes that either can be jumped or rolled over, large and small rocks, dark and light gray statues (the light gray statues will fall over when the player's Minion nears them) and trees in the path.

The location also features bridges over waterfalls, islands and rivers/paths surrounding lava that usually appear when going around corners, rare green beanstalks also over water/islands that split the path and lead to another path, wooden slides, and even a secret area that features the player's Minion riding through a cave in the interior of the Volcano with the help of a minecart for a short time.

While inside the volcano, the player can tilt the minecart left or right to collect Bananas. The Volcano also features white flowers with red centers tugged by other minions that will automatically push the player to another path without causing them to fail in the run, similar to the Minions with boxing gloves, magnets, and hair dryers found in other locations (Gru's Lab, Vector's Fortress, El Macho's Lair, AVL, The Arctic Base, The Pyramids and Super Silly Fun Land). 

Regular Minions and Evil Minions can both be seen in the background, with the Evil Minions usually chasing the regular Minions.

In update 7.5.0 issued on November 3, 2020, a new Halloween decorated Volcano was introduced. It was not an area with a unique name like Holiday Lab being the festive version of Gru's Lab, but an area that appeared in the general Location Pool, available to any room that uses a random area from that pool. The decoration was similar to Halloween Residential Area. In fact, the revamped Volcano was the only area to be decorated on Halloween besides the Residential Area that had appeared in almost all Special Missions until then. 


  • This location is the only location to feature regular and Evil Minions in the same location; however, evil minions never appear on lanes, they are only at the background. 
  • Sometimes while sliding, a shark will hop over the slide. It is unknown why the shark is in the estuary, as most sharks do not appear in there (excluding bull sharks). 
  • When using the Fluffy Unicorn, the volcano will be erupting, however, during normal game-play it isn't.
  • Some other minions on the lane are one-eyed; due to the defect of the design, they can stick on the screen after being smashed, and they disappear in some circumstances (including entering the volcano, picking up Mega Minion, Gru's Rocket, Moon, or Fluffy Unicorn).
  • Some minion reactions are different here:
    • Being hoisted by a rolling minion cage
    • Hitting a log and finding the teeth are still there
    • Hitting a small rock and being thrown backwards
    • Tripping over a rolling log and giving a thumb up
    • Hitting a plant sign and shrugging
  • The Halloween themed Volcano was introduced after the festivities of the Halloween were over (end of October) as opposed to previous updates when the game used the themed area before and during the festivities.
  • This location and El Macho's Lair are currently the only Minion Rush locations to feature Evil Minions.



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