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    12:40, November 15, 2014

    Hey fellow Minions, It's AwesomeOrange89, AKA Chad. I want to start a little fun around here And since it's Halloween time, it's Halloween related! From now until October 31st, we will celebrate Halloween. Get out around your community and find any Halloween related stuff, and take a pic! We will have a Halloween Party (more info ASAP). And we will have polls, and other community reactions. I have started, and took a pic of a Minion at my local Pumpkin Patch. Check it out and participate in our Halloween week! Have any ideas? Email us at!

    PS: Post below on what you're being for Halloween! It would be awesome if one of our Minions went as a Despicable Me character. I almost went as Gru, but decided on Ted (hence my avatar)! -AwesomeOrange89, Senior Administrator


    The Minion thing at my local Pumpkin Patch!

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