• The Minions Movie has originally premiered at June 11st, 2015. The official date is July 10th, 2015 on U.S. and on the INA (original premiere country). It still count as 2014. and, Universal Studios 2014. Can an admin remove the "future" template, and I will make the cast full and not "TBA". If can, please do it. But in this 0.1 version of Minions, There is NO dub at all and NO subtitle on the 0.1 version, if you see this Minions Movie 0.1 version (No dub, english). That means it is still the original version and Norbert has been confirmed as an official minion. Thank you and see you in the possible second part!

    Thanks for reading this, Spongebob789. Former Facebook User of Despicable Me Wiki.

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    • So far, Donyark has stated "no main plot and details on this Wiki until July 10th" so I'll guess that means the template will not be removed until that day.

      I think other things to contribute is to update characters' personality (not plot) as well create pages for others that appeared

      ... U mentioned earlier that a young Gru appears, if so, he still had hair or was balding? I think that will be all my queries about the film.

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