• Hi, AwesomeOrange89!

    We're in the process of launching movie footers to group like-minded communities together for users and genre-specific fans, similarly to how we have done so successfully for our game communities. Would you be interested in having the Despicable Me site included?

    Best regards,


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    • As the other b-crat on this wiki, I think it's a good idea for Despicable Me Wiki to be included in this process as I believe it'll help bring more awareness to the wiki. If other wikis in the animation genre are all in for it, then I believe I speak on the behalf of Despicable Me Wiki that we would like to be apart of this. Thank you so much!

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    • Listed as approved! When enough communities join, it will go "live", and I'll swing back by¬†:)

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    • A FANDOM user
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