• While searching through some Japanese website, I founded out they made an official manga based off the Minions, judging by the pictures in the comic it shows the minions in Tokyo. It's called "みらくるトリオ! ミニオンズ".

    I never really expected a western CGI animated film to get a manga adaption but I guess since the Minions are getting popular these days, it shouldn't be a surprise with all this merchandising.

    I'd be happy if someone on here who knows Japanese could make a fan translation of this, or if a company like Viz Media or TokyoPop would liscense this and bring it here, considering how popular Minions are starting to become.

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    • Well, I do know some of the Kanji characters as I'm a Chinese-speaking user and Hiragana/Katakana as well, though I can only partially understand the whole meaning of a Japanese sentence, but I guess I can help.

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    • Here is a page for the page you want, User:MarkMinion/Sandbox/Sakuju Koizumi. It updates everytime when I have time to translate it. Check it if you're interested!

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