• The latest update that just recently came out on the occasion of the 5 year anniversary seems to have rather heavy impact on the users' progression (e.g. several types of items or costumes being discontinued).
    Could we have a page/article that covers the changes in detail so that people can best utilise the items they will loose before updating ?
    I have the impression Gameloft rarely documents this exhaustively and that this is the best place to suggest this type of post.

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    • Looks like the following are kept:

      • minions: (dave, carl, jerry & mel)

      And the following are lost:

      • bananas
      • golden banana
      • golden shield
      • revives

      And it seems to depend for other items such as costumes

      the following seem to have gone:

      • vampire
      • cleopatra

      moreover, it looks like costume upgrades have been lost altogether
      haven't found consistent information on what happens to tokens and blueprints yet

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    • Vampire and Cleopatra are there, but all costumes must be purchased again and you lose all weapon power-ups.  So everyone's basically starting from scratch.  Blueprints are gone because now all costumes must be purchased with blue banana coins.  You will also lose all bananas in the transfer, so the 25 million I had apparently count for nothing.  You now have limited chances to complete a race.  If you get at least one star before you die then the race is over for you.  Also, the free revives are automatic so you cannot save them up for use on certain levels - as soon as you die you're revived. 

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    • yeah, that's the impression I got too. with no progression kept, no possibility of re-using stuff you save up...I think it's time to call it a day for minion rush. it does look like they've tried to take into account some feedback about lost progression by enabling som kind of item-transfer thing, but I'm afraid the harm's already done.

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